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Figurative & Portraiture

Selected Figurative & Portraiture Highlights. Listed is Artist, Circa, Title and Price.

• POR means (Price on Request) • (Subject to prior sale - Prices are subject to change) 

For ALL additional information Please Contact the Gallery.

Click Images to Enlarge:
Frank Diaz
Robert Mapplethorpe c. 1979
"Frank Diaz" POR

Daniel, NYC
Robert Mapplethorpe c. 1981
"Daniel, NYC" "Z" POR

Money Changer, Haight St. SF
Imogen Cunningham c. 1967 "Money Changer, Haight St. SF" $10,000

Nude on Log
Herb Ritts c. 1987
"Nude on Log" POR

Clockwork Malibu, California
Anthony Friedkin c. 1967
"Clockwork Malibu, California" POR

Beverly Hills, California
Anthony Friedkin c. 1975
"Beverly Hills, California" POR

Man Wearing a Hat
Dorothea Lange
(For Lange Exhibition click name)

Woman with Kids
Dorothea Lange
(For Lange Exhibition click name)

Georgia O'Keeffe
Yousuf Karsh c. 1956
"Georgia O'Keeffe" POR

Hells Angels, San Francisco
Irving Penn c. 1967
"Hells Angels, San Francisco" POR

Muscle Beach, Los Angeles
Max Yavno c. 1949
"Muscle Beach, Los Angeles" $10,000

Dorothy's Shoes, NYC
Bruce Cratsley c. 1989
"Dorothy's Shoes, NYC" $3,500

Imogen Cunningham, San Francisco
Leo Holub c. 1972
"Imogen Cunningham, San Francisco" $3,000

Will Connell c. 1931
"Nude" $9,500

Diver, Barrhead Scotland
Robert Murray c. 1907
"Diver, Barrhead Scotland" NFS

Femme Nu
Clara E. Sipprell c. 1930
"Femme Nu" $2,500

Dutch Fishermen
Robert de Smet c. 1930
"Dutch Fishermen" $3,000

Gertrude Stein & Horst, Paris
Horst P. Horst c. 1947
"Gertrude Stein & Horst, Paris" POR

Boxer and Coach
Will McBride
(For McBride Exhibition click name)

Mississippi Man
Dorothea Lange
(For Lange Exhibition click name)

Edmund Teske c. 1935
"Chicago" $6,500

Jim Pruitt, Bel Air
Jim French c. 1985
"Jim Pruitt, Bel Air" $3,500

Homage to Rodin
Raymond Voinquel c. 1966
"Homage to Rodin" $7,500

Fred with Tires
Herb Ritts c. 1984
"Fred with Tires" POR

George Hoyningen-Huene c. 1930
"Divers" POR

Welsh Miners
Frank Scherschel c. 1944
"Welsh Miners" $1,500

Great Lake Naval Center
Mole & Thomas (attrib.) c. 1918
"Great Lake Naval Center" $2,500

Coal Miner Bathing
Bill Brandt c. 1937
"Coal Miner Bathing," Vintage $15,000

Marines, WWII
Peter Stackpole c. 1944
"Marines, WWII" POR

High Jump, Plate 157
Edweard Muybridge c. 1887
"High Jump, Plate 157" $2,500

Man with Mules, North Carolina
Doris Ulmann c. 1929
"Man with Mules, North Carolina" POR

Lt. Brinks Bass, WWII
Horace Bristol c. 1943
"Lt. Brinks Bass, WWII" POR

PBY Blister Gunner, WWII (Silver)
Horace Bristol c. 1944
"PBY Blister Gunner, WWII" (Silver) POR

PBY Blister Gunner, WWII (Platinum)
Horace Bristol c. 1944
"PBY Blister Gunner, WWII" (Platinum) POR

Russian Soilders
 Gioko c. 1933
"Russian Soilders" $2,500

Old Woman Sitting
Jim Steinhardt
(For Steinhardt Exhibition click name)

Man with Pipe
Marion Post Wolcott c. 1938-41
"Man with Pipe" POR

The Bowery, NYC
Louis Schlivek c. 1930's
"The Bowery, NYC" $1,000

Street Scene, San Francisco
Harry Bowden c. 1930's
"Street Scene, San Francisco" $1,500

Postures Series, Kevin
Marsha Burns c. 1980
"Postures Series, Kevin" $2,500

In Light & Sun
 Kurt Reichert "In Light & Sun"
(For Reichert Exhibition click name)

Edmund Teske c. 1960's
"Musician" $5,000

Coming of Age
Will McBride "Coming of Age"
(For McBride Exhibition click name)

Full House
Will McBride "Full House"
(For McBride Exhibition click name)

Shirtless Construction Worker
Jim Steinhardt
(For Steinhardt Exhibition click name)

Man Holding Pearls
Jim Steinhardt
(For Steinhardt Exhibition click name)

Nude Man
Clifford Baker c. 1960
"Vintage Silver Print" $2,500

J. John Priola c. 1991
"Torso" $1,500

Drew & Jimmy
John Patrick Salisbury "Drew & Jimmy"
(For Salisbury Exhibition click name)

We Hope you Enjoyed the Selected Highlights